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Athletistry 2023 Workshop Bundle 1


Introducing the "Ultimate Ballet Mastery Bundle": a collection of workshop recordings designed to elevate your ballet skills. Perfect for beginners and experienced dancers alike, this bundle provides valuable knowledge and techniques to optimize your ballet practice. The bundle includes four curated workshop recordings: Ballet Anatomy Workshop Explore the relationship between ballet and human anatomy. Learn about the muscular and skeletal systems, proper alignment, biomechanics, and flexibility to enhance performance and prevent injuries. Ballet Extensions Workshop Unlock higher, controlled extensions without compromising technique. Our expert instructor will guide you through exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and control for breathtaking extensions. Ballet Pirouette Workshop Master pirouettes with essential techniques for executing clean, balanced turns. Learn proper body alignment, spotting techniques, and overcome common challenges faced by dancers. Build Your Ballet Workout Maximize your ballet training by building a personalized workout plan targeting your unique strengths and weaknesses. Improve technique, stamina, and overall performance with a tailored workout. Invest in yourself and your passion for ballet with the Ultimate Ballet Mastery Bundle. These workshops cater to all levels and are an invaluable resource for refining technique and pushing boundaries. Access hours of expert instruction and start your journey towards ballet mastery today.

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Single Payment
1 year mentorship


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