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5 reasons to take adult ballet classes! (and what to look for in a studio)

Ballet is often seen as an elite art form that takes at least a decade to learn and even longer to master. For many young girls and even boys becoming a ballet dancer is a dream that is never fulfilled.

Life doesn't end though after school and there are many reasons to take up dancing as an adult. If you dreamed of becoming a dancer but never had the opportunity to learn, or even took classes throughout your childhood and didn't pursue dance as a are the top 5 reasons to take adult ballet classes and what to look for in a studio.

Adult Ballet is a fun and supportive community

In the current state of the world, we can often feel isolated and alone. Becoming part of a studio and pursuing a passion opens you up to others who are also excited to learn and develop their ballet skills. At Athletistry Studio we have an amazing community of adult students who range from 18-75, beginner to advanced, and are extremely supportive and friendly.

It's good for your brain

In this study from 2018 it was determined that dance can increase neuroplasticity in the brain. In addition to actual changes in brain matter participants in the study also showed significant improvement in memory, attention, body balance.

You will learn to express yourself in a new way

Music requires you to use an instrument or your voice, painting requires canvas and paints, writing can be tedious and antisocial. When you take a ballet class you learn how to use your body in a unique way to create expressive and diverse movements. Not only will you find that your worries will drift away as you dance, but your ability to communicate with others will improve as you become more aware of how you hold your posture and present yourself.

Posture is everything

They say you can pick out a dancer from across the room. In fact just the other day I was at a social gathering where there were multiple people commenting on my posture. The way you carry yourself could mean the difference between getting a promotion or even being noticed around the office. Plus your back pain and physical discomfort from sitting behind a desk all day will go away after even a short time dancing.

You'll feel stronger than ever before

Ballet requires you to use your body in ways it's never moved before. After a few short months you will find that you have more flexibility, strength, and body awareness. Plus you will have found a sense of beauty and grace that only ballet can create.

So now that you know how great ballet can be, and these are only 5 reasons to take adult ballet do you find a great studio?

Make sure you look for a place with dance flooring and a teacher that has had experience as a professional dancer. Not only will you get more out of the class, but you if you're lucky they will tell you stories from the dance world that nobody ever gets to hear. Also, look for a studio that offers supportive classes like pilates and yoga to help you get even stronger and increase your body awareness.

Now that you are ready to jump in a take an adult ballet class be sure to get your 7 day free trial to Athletistry Studio and get started right away!

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