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A Heartfelt thank you and a look to the future...

2020 has been a year of uncertainty for many. A year of challenges that no one could have planned for. A year of unexpected closures, lockdowns and isolation.

When Athletistry Ballet began back in February, none of this was a concern and for me adult ballet classes were an experiment. 6 weeks after starting my classes in a small church hall we were in lockdown and suddenly ballet classes were streaming 3 times a week from my living room.

Out of this awkward time a community started to grow and now we have a studio in Chelmer that began with cardboard boxes on the floor.

2020 has relaunched my love of ballet, but more than that it has inspired the community to move again and to move with beautiful purpose and intention.

For this I say thank you, whether you have been a part of the face to face classes or only admired from afar you have had a miraculous impact on how we have been able to grow until now...

...Now what's next?

Well this is where I bare my dreams to the world. I envision a future for Athletistry where we can impact art and movement on 3 levels. The first is by training the next generation of dancers to be intelligent, strong, mindful and artistic. The second is to create a movement hub for adults where the focus isn't weightloss or fitness, but reconnecting with that inner child that wants to move, learn and explore. The third is for the professional artist who will need a home when coming to Brisbane.

I know that this dream may take years to fully realise, but it starts with you, the one reading this. You are a part of the realisation of this dream. Join me on this journey to creating a unique facility for training artists, sculpting incredible humans, and taking the art of movement to the next level.

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