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Finding Balance: Ballet, Biomechanics, and Beyond with Jennifer Milner

In the latest episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Jennifer Milner, a ballet coach, certified Pilates trainer, and a powerhouse in the world of dance medicine. With a rich history spanning from classical ballet to musical theatre, Jennifer has a wealth of experience and knowledge that she generously shared with us.

From Dancer to Dance Medicine Pioneer Jennifer's journey is nothing short of inspiring. From dancing with several ballet companies across the United States to performing as Meg Giry in "The Phantom of the Opera" in New York, Jennifer's performing career was filled with grace and passion. However, an unfortunate knee injury shifted her trajectory from performing on stage to advocating for dance medicine and biomechanical balance.

After her injury, Jennifer delved into the Pilates method of exercise, getting certified from the renowned Kane School of Core Integration. Mentoring under the dance medicine pioneer Marika Molnar, Jennifer gained extensive knowledge in dance medicine. She then began working with Westside Dance Physical Therapy, catering to esteemed dancers from prestigious ballet companies.

A Conversation Steeped in Wisdom and Passion

During our podcast episode, Jennifer's narratives painted a beautiful picture of the challenges and triumphs she faced, both as a dancer and as a ballet coach. Her candid confession about her initial reluctance to practice her fouette turns resonated with many of us who've grappled with the fear of imperfection.

One of the episode's highlights was Jennifer's emphasis on viewing dancers as whole individuals rather than blank canvases. She stressed the importance of embracing our unique personalities, problems, and joys as integral parts of our artistic expression. In Jennifer's words, dancers aren't mere canvases but the very paintbrushes that create art. This perspective shift, from passive recipients to active artists, was truly enlightening.

Bendy Bodies and Dance Medicine Advocacy

Jennifer co-hosts "Bendy Bodies," a podcast that sheds light on hypermobility issues. She is also an active member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science, having presented at their world conferences multiple times. Her contributions to the dance world, from co-founding Dansemedica to serving on the advisory board of Minding the Gap, demonstrate her commitment to holistic dancer well-being.


Jennifer Milner's multifaceted approach to dance, blending biomechanics with heartfelt passion, is a testament to her dedication to the art and science of dance. Her ability to seamlessly move between ballet studios and cross-training venues is nothing short of admirable. For anyone keen to delve deeper into Jennifer's insights and expertise, her website is a treasure trove of information. You can also connect with her on Instagram @jennifer.milner.

Listening to Jennifer, we're reminded that dance is as much about personal expression and emotion as it is about perfecting movements. It's this beautiful interplay of science and soul that makes dance the captivating art form that it is.

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