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You don't have to stay broken

Have you ever heard the story of the frog in the pot?

Once upon a time a frog was captured and was going to be cooked for dinner. The chef, not having prepared frog before boiled a pot of water and threw the frog into it. The frog immediately jumped out.

The chef, still hungry, captured the frog again, but this time had a new idea. He thought perhaps if I put the frog in comfortable water and then slowly turn up the temperature, the frog won't notice the pain until it is too late. It worked and the chef had frog legs for dinner.

That's an awful story isn't it?

Well, the boiling water is the pain you are in. If you injure yourself suddenly you go to the doctor immediately, go through physio and rehabilitate a degree. But what if you still have a bit of pain, and that pain becomes chronic over time, you become accustomed to the pain and just accept that pain is a way of life.

Guess what?

We're not exactly like the frog in the example above because we don't have to stay broken. Chronic pain can be reversed.

Take my knees for example. Over the course of my 12 years dancing professionally I developed very painful patella tendinopathy that eventually lead to me being unable to perform the way I knew I could and indirectly ended my time as a dancer.

Fast forward 3 years and I have virtually zero knee pain. Ironically what fixed my knees wasn't stopping dance, but was increasing my strength training to bulletproof my knees against continued breakage. A lot of the time we find ourselves broken because our muscles can't support the strain we put on ourselves, even and especially sitting behind a desk all day!!!

It's part of my mission now with Athletistry Studio to help you reverse the broken state you may find your body in and revitalise yourself.

Through a process of healing the body and soul through the beauty of ballet and the strength and mobility of physical training let's work together and make this the year that you stop staying broken and start thriving!

You Don't Have To Stay Broken

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