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Get the recording of this pirouette workshop.


We’re excited to announce the next Athletistry workshop will be about improving pirouettes for ballet dancers! This workshop is designed to help dancers of all levels improve their technique and confidence when executing pirouettes.


During the workshop, you will work with experienced ballet instructor and former professional dancer, Shane Wuerthner, who will guide you through various exercises and techniques that will help you refine your turning technique.


Throughout the workshop, you will learn about proper alignment, spotting techniques, and how to generate and maintain momentum. You will also receive feedback from the Shane on your technique and form, so you can adjust and improve your technique.


In addition to the technical aspects of pirouettes, we will also focus on the mental and emotional aspects of turning. We will discuss how to approach turns with confidence, how to manage anxiety and nerves, and how to stay focused and present during each turn.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, this workshop is a valuable opportunity to refine your pirouette technique, learn new skills, and gain the confidence you need to execute turns with grace and ease. We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals as a ballet dancer.


Pirouette Workshop Recording

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