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4 Ways Being a Dancer Will Change Your Life For The Better

Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Dancers are a unique breed. You can easily pick them out of a crowd just by looking at the way they walk and carry themselves.

There is an innate confidence and sense of self that dancers have that exudes from their being. The question is can anyone become a dancer? Can anyone achieve this level of presence in their day to day life?

Yes, but it takes work. That being said, the work is worth it and here are 4 ways that being a dancer can change your life for the better:

1. You will exercise everyday....

...Not because you have to but because you love what you do. It's not mindless exercise either. Dance requires a unique combination of mental and physical coordination to make everything come together. It's that coordination of body and soul that helps to create the unique presence of a dancer. Not only that but because of the discipline required by dance, your posture, strength, and mobility will improve in ways that no other elite sport can replicate.

2. You become an artist that can always create

It has been said that art is the barometer for society and dancers are often at the cutting edge of the art world. Our medium is our body and the world is our inspiration. Not only will your awareness of your surroundings improve as a dancer you will find your ability to express yourself will improve because you will be learning a new language.....the language of dance.

3. Beauty is always at your fingertips

The more you engage in the dance world the more beauty you are exposed to through constant improvement of your art. You will also be exposed to other incredible humans who are also dancers, opening your mind to new possibilities.

4. Music becomes not just something to listen to...

...But it also becomes a part of you. As you dance to the music in your life you can express yourself in ways previously locked down to you before becoming a dancer. Dancers don't just listen to music, they feel the music, and then express those feelings through movement. You'll find that your breathing becomes easier and more fulfilling as you learn to express your physical self through the music you embody.

These are just a few of the things that have been made better in my life through dance. But I'd love to hear from you...

Do you dance?

Are you a dancer?

How was dancing changed your life for the better?

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